Pimped up Tabbouleh

If you havn’t tried my easy Tabbouleh then why not!?!  This is a pimped up version, you can either make it this way from scratch, or use this as inspiration to jazz up any plain leftovers you have.  I tend to sever the plain version as a side, and this … Continue Reading

Mac n Cheese Breakfast Leftovers Style

Mac n Cheese

Occasionally, very occasionally, I have some leftovers from breakfast.  This only ever happens after we’ve had friends over and I’ve cooked far to much, such as the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.  We then get the pleasure of having this as leftovers as a lazy TV ‘slightly hung-over’ dinner.
Ingredients (serves Continue Reading

Veg Pulp Patties


I hate waste so when I bought a juicer and realised how much was in the pulp bin I had to find a way of using it up.  I’ve called them patties, as I originally wanted to make a ball (reminiscent of a meat ball) but you need a flat … Continue Reading

Love your leftovers

Just the word ‘leftovers’ gives the suggestion of something unwanted, the remains.  To some it symbolises a lack of wealth and prosperity, a need rather than a desire, and therefore something that’s undesired.
I have the total opposite feeling about leftovers, I LOVE them, you only have to take a … Continue Reading