A year of shopping locally

shopping locally

In May 2017 I set myself a 90 day challenge to buy all my food (eating in and out) from local independent retailers, at the end of the 90 days it had made such an impact on me that I committed to continuing supporting my local suppliers indefinitely.  A year later I’m proud to confirm … Continue reading A year of shopping locally

Steak Pie & Vegan Stew, a winning combination?

Where do you eat when your hubby is a committed carnivore and your vegan niece comes to stay? We’ve already tried The Barn and Faro, both offer vegan choices and both were great, but I wanted to try somewhere new.  I drive past The Horse and Jockey at Freeford all the time but I’ve never … Continue reading Steak Pie & Vegan Stew, a winning combination?