Good bread is my ultimate convenience food

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid we had bread with pretty much every meal.  Then along came the low-carb fad diets and my intake of bread was drastically reduced.  In recent years, I’ve made my own bread: but honestly, it takes flipping ages, and usually by the time its proved, … Continue reading Good bread is my ultimate convenience food

How to cook efficiently

I really love to cook, that was the reason I set up this blog.  But I am also really busy and so I have to be clever when I cook, making multiple meals at the same time.  This is really economical and ideal for anyone who is busy or doesn’t really love cooking. It’s often … Continue reading How to cook efficiently

Love your leftovers

Just the word 'leftovers' gives the suggestion of something unwanted, the remains.  To some it symbolises a lack of wealth and prosperity, a need rather than a desire, and therefore something that's undesired. I have the total opposite feeling about leftovers, I LOVE them, you only have to take a look at my instagram feed … Continue reading Love your leftovers

Are we really allergic?

It seems to be the curse of modern society, everyone I meet is either intolerant to something, not eating or 'free' of another thing.  Are these people genuinely allergic or is it a reaction to the variety and quality of food that they are eating? Amongst my family and friends there are the following: 1 … Continue reading Are we really allergic?