My friends and family enjoy home cooked meals when they come to visit us.  They are always wonderfully complimentary about my cooking, and often ask me for recipes.  However what I find most surprising is that they think I take days to prepare our meals before they arrive, when in reality most of what I cook is very quick and easy.
I love to cook and so when I hear people say things like, don’t bother we’ll get a takeaway or buy a supermarket ready meal it saddens me, as I take great joy in planning what we will eat and even more pleasure if everyone enjoys it.  They are often surprised by how little time I spend in the kitchen, and even more surprised when they ask for a recipe how easy it is.
I am a ‘feel cook’ but that is because I have been cooking all my life, at the age of 9 or ten it would not be unusual for me to prep and pretty much cook the evening meal.  I rarely follow recipes, but use them as a guide or inspiration.  I do sometimes cook more elaborate meals, but more often than not I want something that is easy to prepare and then either cooks itself, or is very quick to cook.  I love to cook, but I don’t want to be a slave to the kitchen.
My aim for this site is to show that is is just as easy to cook a meal from scratch, with very little effort and minimal equipment.  My meals at home often take less time and effort than a so called ‘ready meal’ from the supermarket, and are infinitely more nutritious and healthy.
I want people to get back in touch with real ingredients rather than use lots of jar’s or packets.  We have all seen the TV programmes and new reports about how many hidden ingredients there are in our so-called healthy foods, and it saddens me when my friends say they can’t be bothered to cook and just shove something in the ove.
My time in the kitchen is never waste, but I am a busy business owner, who works 5 1/2 days a week, I don’t have time to spend hours every day making meals, so I’ll often cook two meals at once, cook large portions and freeze, so that even on those days when I don’t get in till 7pm after leaving the house at 6.30am I know that I’ve got something in the house that will get us a dinner on the table in the time it takes be to unwind, shower and get into my comfy clothes!
I will provide basic recipes and guidelines, but there will be lots of variations, and please add things you like, and feel free to take out those you don’t.  Hopefully once you’ve tried a recipe once you will make it again and continue to add and tweak until you creat your own perfect version for you.