Breakfast Rolls

Giant Rolls

This is a fabulous Jame Oliver recipe, he calls them crumpies, but with my regional midlands accent that just makes my husband crease up, so I’ve renamed them Breakfast Rolls, the rest is unchanged.
I’m not sure when he invented them but I’ve made them about 6 times since I discovered them a couple of months ago. I’ve even halved the recipe successfully as there is often only me and hubby for breakfast and 12 of these is quite excessive, but they do keep ok for a couple of days and are nice for lunch dipped into soup or sauce.
I used to make a lot of soda bread for breakfast on a Sunday as it’s ready quickly, but these have definitely become my new favourite. I use a 12 tin Yorkshire pudding tin, and sometimes I use a large muffin tin that I picked up in Australia a couple of years ago. Both product great results and you end up with a muffin looking bread with a holey middle. Jamie says they are like a cross between a crumpet and a Yorkshire pudding, but I think it’s more like a crumpet and muffin cross. But hey who cares when they are so deliciously easy to make?

Ingredients – makes 12 small or 6 large
• 500g strong bread flour
• 1 sachet fast acting yeast
• 1 tsp castor sugar
• Pinch bicarbonate of soda
• 2 tsp salt
• 600ml tepid water
• 1-2tsp oil to grease tin

1. Put all ingredients in a bowl except oil and water in a bowl. Place the salt, sugar, bicarbonate and yeast around the edge.
2. Pour the water into the middle and mix thoroughly, it should be a loose batter mixture
3. Leave for ten minutes to activate the yeast, and preheat the oven to 170c
4. Grease Yorkshire pudding tin with oil and spoon the mixture into the tins.
5. Cook for around 35 minutes (slightly longer if you are using a giant muffin tin)
6. Transfer to a wire rack for a couple of minutes to cool slightly before serving.

We are savory eaters in our house so I serve with bacon and scrambled eggs. But if you have a sweet tooth they are great with butter and jam, or just drizzled with honey.



Breakfast Rolls
Large Breakfast Rolls


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