Sunday Brunch and Sunday Roast

Yesterday was a mad day at our house, we had a total of 7 tradesmen on site at one point.  I made an executive decision to take run to the local butty wagon rather than cook for everyone. I have to say it was one of the best decisions of the weekend!

Today was a lot quieter and I ended up only needing to make butties for me, hubby and John the window fitter.  As I literally only had a tin of tomatoes in the cupboard, it would have been so easy to go to the local supermarket; however I stayed strong and I’m proud to say that I resisted and made the effort to go into town. I bought a lovely malted brown from Hindleys and some back bacon and eggs from Walter Smith.  I rustled up a tasty triple decker for the boys for breakfast and we now have a front door and windows in the extension!

We are still eating mostly pork until I can make a bit of room in the freezer; so for a late Sunday lunch I used the remains of the spice mix from last night’s Goan Style Pork Curry, as a dry rub and roasted a leg of pork.  We had leeks in the veg box from Woodhouse Farm this week, and I was inspired to do a Potato and Leek gratin.  I still had some red cabbage from a few weeks ago (cabbage keeps amazingly well) so I sautéed that with some green cabbage from this week for our veggies.  This was probably one of my favourite Sunday lunches of the season and everything apart from the stuffing was from the farm (the stuffing was picked up at Walter Smith this morning!).

Roast Pork Leg
Roast leg of Pork

I’m now sitting under my blanket, with the fire on, enjoying a glass of wine and watching the Bears on the red zone.  If anyone would like to take my little jack Woody for his evening walk, I’d be very grateful!

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