Easy Midweek Entertaining

People often ask me what I cook when I am entertaining; I really struggle with that question as it totally depends on the day, the friends, the weather, the season and how I am feeling.

Tonight, we are having a couple of good friends round and I’m cooking.  The meal isn’t the main reason for their visit – the men are watching football and me and my friend will be gossiping. Although I love cooking and want to serve them something nice, I don’t feel that I have to make anything fancy, just something tasty that we can all enjoy.  Also, we are having a load of work done on the house at the minute and at some point, my rather dodgy kitchen will be replaced, but in the interim, not only am I cooking in a horrible dingy kitchen, but I’ve got dust and mess to contend with too. Oh, and we don’t have a table, so we will have to eat it on our laps!!!

Needless to say,  I will be cooking something easy, that I can dish up easily.  I was lucky enough to be working from home all afternoon, so I’ve decided to cook my Easy Chilli on the stove (although it is equally good cooked in the slow cooker).  I’ll cook some rice when they arrive, and I popped to Hunnypot Cottage for a nice loaf for mopping up the juices.

I thought I would share with you an image of my tiny drab kitchen, just to show that you don’t need an amazing kitchen or a difficult recipe to have a nice evening entertaining friends


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