Saturday night Steak

We have a very rare Saturday night in so I decided a treat of a juicy steak was appropriate.  I’d been lucky enough to meet a friend for lunch and a (very long) chat so I only just managed to make it to the farm shop.  I opted for two thick hand cut fillet steaks.

I don’t really like potatoes or chips with steak, personally it makes the meal a bit heavy for me: I prefer to serve steak either with a large green salad in the summer, or veg in the winter.  We are just on the crux of winter and the farm shop had some beetroot which will be fabulous roasted with herbs and lots of pepper.  We will have some leftovers which will be great with feta and quinoa for lunch next week.

I will briefly boil the veg and quickly griddle the well seasoned steak. Its all prepped and ready to go once the Committed Carnivore is back from golf.

Steak really is the ultimate fast food, this will be on the table in less than 15 minutes, with a nice big glass of Argentinian Malbec it’s a fabulous Saturday treat, without a huge amount of effort.

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