Yesterday I received my order from The British Quinoa company and I was desperate to try it out tonight.  I’d a really long day working at a clients offices, so I didn’t have a great deal of time, or energy, to cook. I was also cooking just for me as the Committed Carnivore was out playing golf.

I threw some chicken breast in the oven whilst I rummaged around in the fridge deciding what to put with the quinoa as a side.

I decided on the toasted quinoa grains, and I had a tin of brown chickpeas in the cupboard from my visit to the Asian supermarket a few weeks ago (which I had put in my trolley on a whim and had no idea what they tasted like – not dissimilar to normal chickpeas to be honest!).   I added them to the quinoa just before it was cooked to warm them through, seasoned them really well and dressed with some Just Oil garlic oil.

Quinoa and Chickpeas
Quinoa and Chickpeas

I had loads of lovely greens in my veg box this week, beans, celery and chard, so I stir-fried them quickly along with a chopped leek and lonely carrot!

greens 1
stir fried greens


I also had a tomato in the fridge from my  veg box so I chopped that, I planned to mix it into the quinoa but forgot! I served half the portion of quinoa and less than half the greens, along with the tomato on the side, and decided that I didn’t really need the chicken (so I’ll cool that and refrigerated for another day) which meant that my meal ended up being vegan ‘by accident’.

This was such an easy meal to prepare, it was ready in about 25 mins, and a bit of chopping and stirring was just the distraction I needed after a mentally challenging day.   Better than that was how tasty and filling it was, and I’ve got a massive portion left over for lunch or dinner tomorrow.

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