Good bread is my ultimate convenience food

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid we had bread with pretty much every meal.  Then along came the low-carb fad diets and my intake of bread was drastically reduced.  In recent years, I’ve made my own bread: but honestly, it takes flipping ages, and usually by the time its proved, proved again, baked and cooled all my enthusiasm has gone, and I’ve consumed at least two meals!

I’m delighted to be able to say that we still only eat home baked bread, but it’s no longer me that’s doing the baking.  Which, quite frankly, has meant that it’s on the menu far more regularly than ever before. In fact, I am finding more and more excuses to visit the wonderful bakeries in Lichfield: there’s Ruth at Hunnypot Cottage at the Heart of the Country, they’ve got easy and free parking so I can just pop in to see her if I’m out and about.  There’s the ever-reliable Hindley’s, who’ve recently been awarded a Great Taste Award for their Cheddar and Red Onion Sourdough, unfortunately every time I get there they’ve sold out, but I always manage to find something tasty to buy instead.  And we have the new kid on the block Nathan at Bore Street, having eaten two of his focaccia’s in the space of two days I think we can confirm that he’s going to be a permanent fixture on the bread run.

Bread, for me, is the ultimate fast food, if we’re home late and can’t be bothered to cook then a great sandwich, or cheese on toast is perfect quick and comforting food.  Last week it was olive bread which made fabulous egg mayo sandwiches, I’m very partial to an egg mayo sarnie. And then delicious toasted with cheese the next day.

Yesterday it was simply proper white bread as I wanted to make bacon butties to test out my home made brown sauce, I’m really pleased with the sauce, made with a massive 2.5Kg of plums (several jars were involved which have already been distributed) I’m waiting for feedback and will post the recipe if everyone else likes it as much as me.

I then made cheese and beans (beans were a mix of cannelloni, chilli, onions, tomato puree and chopped tomatoes, but he would have been as happy with the Heinz variety!!) on toast for my lovely hubby, which was yet another meatless meal for the Committed Carnivore, when he got back from his evening golf round as it was far too late for a proper meal.  However, I think he enjoyed that more than any other meal I’d cooked him this week – typical!

The rest of the loaf was split between me and my ever-hungry hubby, he had for his lunch along with the leftover beans and some quinoa (no meat again folks!), and I had my slices toasted with eggs.

I’m getting hungry again, I could just eat a crumpet from Hunnypot with lashings of butter – and I’ve just remembered I have a couple squirrelled away in the freezer……

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