Lichfield Food Festival 2017

I am so proud to be a resident of Lichfield after this glorious bank holiday weekend.  The Lichfield Food Festival was the biggest ever and was even in The Guardian’s top ten places to visit over the bank holiday weekend.

I can’t list individually all the incredible and varied stalls that were here for the bank holiday weekend, lots of them were local suppliers which was, for me, one of the best parts of the event, but I will share with you my journey around the show.

We were away on Saturday and didn’t get home until Sunday afternoon so I decided to take a walk with the Committed Carnivore and the dog into the city to take a quick look around, we didn’t have anything in for dinner so we bought a couple of pies from Brockleby’s and had a bit of a wander just see what else was on offer, we were amazed at how busy many of the food and drink stands were at 4.30pm!

Our pies are still in the fridge as our lovely neighbour Deb stopped us on the way home and gave us half of her focaccia from Bore St Bakery, it was so good we made sure that we stopped by on Monday to see the lovely Nathan and purchase another loaf which we had for our tea on Monday: we are massive bread fans in our house and we had it with salad, cured meats and cheese for dinner on both Sunday and Monday; our bank holiday treat.

Bore St Bakery
Nathan at the Bore St Bakery

We made sure we hadn’t eaten before making an early start on Monday, it still took us at least half an hour just to make our way down Minster Pool Walk, we stopped for a chat with my favourite crisp company Just Crisps and tried their new game flavoured crisps (which we both liked – a lot), bought some tea from The Lichfield Tea Company, tasted some amazing nuts at ViP, bought some Nowt Poncy sauces and some doggy treats. Finally, we made it to Mister V and managed to get ourselves a massive breakfast bap each, I was particularly impressed with their Plum & Ale sauce, and we took a seat overlooking Minster Pool and the Cathedral for a rest and to enjoy our breakfast.


Lichfield Food Festival 2017
Stage 1, Minster Pool Walk

Feeling nicely sated we continued our wanderings towards the cathedral and the Cookery Theatre, stopping to visit Melbourne in Lichfield on the way for a coffee.  We savoured our coffees on the grass bank in the sunshine watching the demo on eggs from Mark Maltby of McKenzies.  We were tempted to just sit there enjoying the sunshine all afternoon but decided we’d better take a wander round the rest of the festival before it got too busy.

Lichfield Cathedral

Time for alcohol so we visited the brilliant Tipple Truck fire engine bar.  I was truly amazed by the variety of food on offer, from vegan to speciality sausages, lasagne, noodles, the list was endless and whatever you fancied seemed to be available.  We were still full but managed to have a few tasters and chats with the exhibitors, we purchased some biltong from Ben and something I’ve never had before – Purely plantain crips. I was particularly taken with the clay ovens from DeliVita and they are now top of my Christmas wish list!


Food available
Massive variety of food available
DeliVita clay ovens are on my Christmas wish list

We purchased a couple of very tasty G&T’s from the guys at Dr Eamers and took them back to the Cathedral lawns to enjoy the cooking demo from Liam Dillon, I was very impressed with his commitment to buying locally and utilising all parts of the meat and veg, including pigs head and cauliflower stalks.  We shall be visiting The Boat very soon to try out his pig’s head terrine.


Cookery Theatre
Liam Dillon – The Boat Inn, on the Cookery Theatre Stage

The weather was amazing, we really couldn’t have asked for more, but I am glad that we made the effort to arrive early as the crowds by early afternoon were huge, so we decided to call it a day about 2pm returning home with very full shopping bags.

I’m already looking forward to next year, and just want to say a massive thank you to the organisers and supporters and volunteers of this year’s event.

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