Steak Pie & Vegan Stew, a winning combination?

Where do you eat when your hubby is a committed carnivore and your vegan niece comes to stay?

We’ve already tried The Barn and Faro, both offer vegan choices and both were great, but I wanted to try somewhere new.  I drive past The Horse and Jockey at Freeford all the time but I’ve never eaten in there. They have a big a board outside advertising their ‘extensive’ vegan and vegetarian menu so I thought the three of us could give it a try. My hubby was delighted when I told him I’d booked a table as he’d also driven past many times and had seen their sign for home made pies.

I have to admit that I was apprehensive: meat pies and vegan food are not normal restaurant allies.  We were dining early on a Friday evening and when we arrived there were a few people eating, but it was fairly quiet and we decided to have a quick drink in the bar area before moving into the restaurant.  Everyone was really cheery and helpful but I was getting a little worried, the place really felt like a proper pub: meat pies – yes, vegan menu – not so sure.  When we were given the main menu it did nothing to allay my fears, a great pub menu with some fab classics like faggots, which you rarely get nowadays, but not a trace of vegan food? Then we were shown the specials board, and boy were we impressed. Extensive was the correct word, four starters, four mains, four deserts, plus some additional vegetarian choices and several fish dishes for the pescatarians amongst us.

Our niece was suitably impressed and announce that it was the best choice she had seen in a non-veg restaurant.  We ended up with a steak and Stilton pie for hubby, vegan stew for her and I had one of the veggie options; cauliflower cheese tart, with a huge bowl of vegetables and some new potatoes to share, we were suitably sated. We all really enjoyed our choices, and I got to try everyone’s and could honestly say I would have been happy with any of the., and we agreed we would happily return again soon. Hubby and I only wish we had tried it sooner.

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