Day 87

Wow, over 13 weeks into my shop local challenge, time has really flown, and I’ll post a blog on day 90 to summarise, but first what have I been up to this week? 

I attempted a lentil roast for lunch on Sunday, I checked a few recipes online but didn’t have all the ingredients, so I decided to just go for it. Unfortunately it didn’t set, even after allowing it to cool, so it ended being lentil mush rather than loaf, but it tasted really good, however I’m not sure the Committed Carnivore is keen on doing any more recipe tasting for me. My niece and I also made vegan chocolate and beer cupcakes with whiskey frosting (chosen specifically to tempt the Committed Carnivore) the cupcakes were amazing really tasty and very moist but frosting was a bit too sweet, I think the cupcakes would actually be good as a larger cake so that’s on my list to try.

We had lots of fun cooking up loads of vegan friendly food all weekend. She helped me out loads with my website and creating a logo for my Business Coaching business so we did a bit of old fashioned ‘barter system’ and I sent her home with lots of pre-prepared meals in exchange for her hard work! We also made sure we had plenty of nibbles this time for our long boring motorway drive.

I spent Monday evening in Brighton and had the most amazing meal at Purezza with my sister-in-law, niece and nephew, their sourdough pizzas are unbelievable, and everything is vegan. It really blew me away and I’ll definitely be more open minded and trying more vegan options in the future.

I’ve got a roasted soup on the go at the minute, yes I know it’s August but quite frankly soup feels quite appropriate at the minute. I’m attempting a smokey, spicy green soup, if it’s sucessful I’ll post the recipe on Monday.
Best things about this week

Pizza at Purezza 

Cooking cupcakes with my gorgeous niece

Another amazing veg box this week 

Biggest challenge

Lentil roast

More boring car journeys

So my challenge is nearly over, how have I found it? Check out my blog on Wednesday to find out!

I was delighted to hear that my challenge has been an inspiration to my sister-in-law and she is spending her last three weeks In Brighton shopping locally for all her food: she’s promised to send me updates and I’ll post them on my challenge page.

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