Vegan by happy accident

Take me back a couple of years and I would have had a little panic attack if you’d told me I’d have too cook for a vegan, I remember a relative was dating a vegan for a while and I announced to the Committed Carnivore that he better not invite them to stay as I had no idea what they could possibly eat.

Since those dark and bigoted days I’ve begun to realise not only how easy it is to cook vegan ,but how regularly my meals are, or could very easily be, vegan.  I have the lovely Ella to thank, I read several articles about her journey, pre-ordered her first book Deliciously Ella and I think I’ve cooked meals inspired by all of the recipes. She encouraged me to think about food differently and I was so inspired by her journey I bought 5 copies for friends and family. Now I regularly cook veggie and vegan food and happily catered all last weekend for my vegan niece.  I cooked a vegan Sunday dinner for us all (including the Committed Carnivore) and packed her back off to her flat with a couple of new recipe ideas and a weeks worth of pre prepared dinners. How times have changed!


I’ll happily admit that until last Thursday  I had never eaten a vegan meal in a restaurant; vegetarian yes, but not vegan.  I was lucky enough to have my first vegan meal at Terre á Terre in Brighton, the restaurant is vegetarian but as I was dining with my sis-in-law and niece who are both vegan we decided to have the vegan option for all our choices. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was an amazing gastronomic experience, their KFC might just be my new favourite dish! I was surprised how filling everything was and I defy anyone not to enjoy the food, and I didn’t miss meat one tiny weeny bit.

Then just four days later, back in Brighton and this time we were at a fully vegan restaurant Purezza. I was every bit as impressed with our food here, this time we were accompanied by my nephew, who like the Committed Carnivore, likes a good hunk of steak, but he’d eaten here before and was happy to recommend several dishes. I was particularly impressed with their pretty pizza oven and the sourdough pizza was perfect, again we ate like kings and didn’t miss meat or even dairy one bit.

So could I be vegan? Probably not, I like meat and am happy that sourcing from ethical farmers and butchers is the right choice for me. But I feel I’m far more educated about how tasty and nutritious vegan food can be, and don’t be surprised if you see more vegan recipes appearing here in future!

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