Day 80

Is it really, only 10 days to go until the end of my challenge? Not long till I can go back to the supermarket? Not likely!

The highlight of my week was Terre à Terre in Brighton, I had the most amazing meal there with my niece and sister-in-law, the food and service were stunning. The portions were generous and beautifully presented, but what I loved was that everything we ate was vegan. I haven’t ever eaten a restaurant meal that was totally vegan before and the food at Terre a Terre is a revelation, I defy even the most Committed Carnivore (hubby) to not only enjoy the food, but not feel the need for meat products at all.

It’s been another busy week, and on the whole I’ve eaten well and had a pretty varied diet. I’ve I made a real effort to plan my meals better and have definitely felt better for eating better – not rocket science, good nutrition = healthier me! However I have to admit that there has been a visit to the supermarket for supplies; as we have Alessandra with us this weekend and farm shops are not exactly geared for the vegan market. I sent the Committed Carnivore into the supermarket to buy two things, we had to have four phone calls during shopping to check he was buying the correct products. He was sent to buy pretend chicken so we could make some sandwiches to take to a friends party as we guessed there would not be a vegan option, and vegetable shortening for our baking later, he managed eventually to get both, along with some vegan sausages, as it’s the law that you cannot go to a supermarket and leave with just the items you initially went in to buy.


Best things about this week

Terre a Terre vegan dinner

Amazing mini quiches from Café 9 at the buffet on Saturday

Trying out some new recipes on Sunday
Biggest challenges

6 hours on the motorway
I still have not been to an Asian supermarket so my beans and pulses are really really low now. This week I need to either find a good health food shop or Asian supermarket..

I’ve been experimenting with vegan food as we have our niece staying with us and I was particularly impressed with The Horse and Jockey:we went for dinner on Friday and they managed to pull off the amazing feat of providing the Committed Carnivore with a tasty meat pie plus having four vegan and two vegetarian choices on the specials menu, definitely a lesson in not judging a book by its cover.  We are travelling back back to Brighton on Monday and she’s promised me another great vegan restaurant.  

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