Noodles for lunch today, tomorrow and the next day

I was sitting at my desk in my home office (the spare bedroom) and suddenly I realised was starving.  I’m not sure about you but this happens to me all the time when I’m working on my own; I get distracted by something and before I know it it’s several hours later and I’ve not eaten or drunk a thing.  If I’m in a normal working environment with other things/people around me there are distractions and markers that remind me what time it is: other people going on their lunch, coffee’s being made, mid morning biscuits……

So today at 2pm when I realised I’d not eaten since 7am I rushed down to the kitchen needing immediate satiation, unfortunately what often happens is I’ll grab something from the fridge or cupboard that I can consume immediately, but this often isn’t very healthy and might not offer me much nutrition to fuel me through the rest of the day.  Today I decided that I would make noodles as they are health and quick option.

I had three ’rounds’ in the packet and I threw one into a pan with some water and a stock cube and went foraging in the fridge. I returned to the hob with several items from the veg draw and some oddments of meat and realised that I might as well cook 3 portions as one, and this, my friends, is what my kind of cooking is all about.  If I can make extra for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner then I feel content knowing I have something healthy and nutritious just waiting for my hungry belly when it needs it.

This isn’t a recipe, I couldn’t recreate what I cooked today exactly, but I’ve followed the same principle many many times before.

Today it was noodles, with a stock cube brought to the boil, then a few chilli flakes added, two spring onions, some very soft tomatoes, a bit of pre-cooked chicken and the ends of the roasted ham, some frozen peas and the remnants of a tin of water sprouts, chucked into the boiling water and boiled for about 3 minutes and served.  I only made three portions as my foraging was a bit meager, but this could easily be the quickest and easiest dinner for your family ever!

Super tasty, super easy, oh and pretty health too.  Pat on the back for me today!

(my apologies for the image, I was so hungry I’d eaten most of it before I felt I could stop to take the photo)


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