Day 73

I started this week off really well, lots of batch cooking for our lunches and loads of pots of overnight oats for our breakfasts.  I knew it was likely to be a busy week for me, I had lots of appointments in the diary which meant if I wasn’t organised I’d end up missing meals and the struggling to find something filling, nutritious and, more importantly, from an independent.

On Tuesday I was working from home so i walked the dog via the town and visited Walter Smith Butchers, Hindleys for a little loaf and the market for some peppers and spinach. I chopped the peppers and prepped chicken ready for a stir fry in the evening, but hubby had a stressful day so we popped to our local, The Barn, for a quick pint after work, and decided to eat there too. They have a really good offer in the week on their pizzas, so after a beer or two, and a good old moan, a couple of pizzas and side of fries was just what we needed!

The rest of our meals for the week wete a little more according to plan, and my weekly veg box from Woodhouse would have been all I needed; as my freezer is full of meat and ready prepped meals, however we are off to the cricket today so we had to have a picnic, which involved a compulsory visit to Packington Farm Shop for supplies!  I’d bought a gammon joint earlier in the week so cooked that off with a spicy glaze for tasty ham and mustard sandwiches, and I even baked us some cookies, let’s hope we get to enjoy it all in the sunshine!!

Best things about this week

  • Impromptu evening out on Tuesday
  • Lovely meal out at  La Terrazza for Penny’s birthday on Saturday
  • Another great veg box from Woodhouse

Biggest challenges

  • Still not found somewhere to buy pulses and grains
  • Finding new shops

Next week I definitely need to find somewhere I can but pulses and grains.

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