Vegan Curry Soup

So I asked my husband a couple of weeks ago if he wanted vegan curry soup for lunch and he turned his nose up and said he’d grab a sandwich at work instead.  The soup went into the freezer and when offered a vegetarian curry soup a few weeks later he jumped at it.  He’s not alone in his prejudice, take me back less than a year and I would have probably done the same, but after actually cooking a lot of vegan recipes (and not telling him when he eats them!!) I now know that they can be really tasty, nutritious and filling, so I’m sticking with the correct title for this recipe of Vegan Curry Soup!

This soup is brilliant as it uses leftovers from my Vegan Curry you could cook it from scratch and use it for this recipe, but you might as well have at least one dinner from it before turning the tasty leftovers into soup.

There are practically no instructions to turn this from Curry to Soup, the key is that you can make it your own, thick or smooth, and you can really stretch it as far as you want, so it is massively budget friendly.

Take your leftover curry, as it is it will make a very hearty soup with large pieces, so if like me, you prefer a smoother soup then pulse it quickly in the processor, or part blitz with a hand blender until you get the sort of consistency you prefer.  Then add water and red lentils.  Add roughly double the quantity of water to lentils, and as I said earlier, add as many or as few as you want.  Then bring to the boil and cook for about 20 mins and cool.  The soup will thicken slightly as you cool and the lentils will still be pretty firm.   However when you reheat they will soften even more and take up a bit more of the liquid.

As lentils are super filling, and really good for you, you really can add as many as you like to this recipe, once cool will keep for a couple of days in the fridge or a couple of months in the freezer.  I tend to put it into a few single portions for my own lunch, but you can easily serve it to your friends and family with a bit of bread for dipping, call it Vegan Curry Soup or Vegetarian Curry Soup, either way I promise they will love it!

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