Day 66

It’s been a really mixed few days for me, I’ve found two new really good farm shops, but I’ve felt a bit limited by my choices and our diet has felt a bit ‘samey’ so my aim for next week is to visit one of the independent Asian stores in Walsall and see if I can find some inspiration.  Unfortunately I did have to go to the supermarket for some cleaning items, and surprise surprise I ended up getting two of everything because they were on offer!! However I didn’t get distracted by any food and visited the cleaning aisles only, so I’m pleased to confirm that we are still successfully 66 days in and all my food has been bought from local independent stores.

I was impressed by  Canalside farm shop in Great Haywood, I was working in Rugeley and its only 5 miles from there so I decided to give it a try. It was lovely and bright and really well laid out. I managed to find some nice packet mixes of quinoa and couscous and I even met Nick the Fish and I bought some lovely sea bream for my tea (hubby was out so I could have fish for a change). 

 I was volunteering at Chase Terrace Technology College for a couple of days last week doing employability skills so I decided to pop into Bradshaws farm shop Burntwood, again it had a good selection of store cupboard items and I was particularly excited to find Bisto gravy granuals, yes I know I shouldn’t love them but I do!

Best things this week

Two new farm shops

Bisto gravy

Fish supper on Friday
Biggest challenge this week

Feeling unmotivated
I’ve had lots going on over the last few weeks and I’m looking forward to getting back to a more normal routine, hopefully more cooking and back to blogging at least weekly

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