Day 38

I’ve had the best week ever!  I met some pig’s whose older siblings’ offerings are currently sizzling away nicely ready for our breakfast, this was at the CSA farm Woodhouse Farm & Garden.  Who do veg boxes – success! I loved it so much I had to post a blog about them yesterday when I got back.

Yesterday I did my weekly shop at a combination of Woodhouse Farm and Packington Farm Shop and not only did I meet some lovely people, it genuinely wasn’t an effort or hard work at all.  I’ve got fridge and cupboards full of lovely food and in reality, probably took less time and I definitely spent less money and have local fresh food in return. I’m buying less, partly because there is less on offer, but mostly because I am just buying exactly what I want, I’m not getting sucked into three for two, or pre-packed bags that have more that I need.


The biggest positives this week:

  • Woodhouse Farm & Garden – I think you’ll see their name mentioned a lot in my blog in the future
  • Doing a genuine proper shop twice this week
  • Having lots of lovely food in the house ready to feed us next week

The biggest negatives this week:

  • Finding out that Woodhouse farm doesn’t a full order book
  • Carrying my heavy shopping in stupid wicker baskets


I really feel that I have turned a corner a bit like a recovered addict!  I’ve got a great support team around me who are passing me leads for lovely places such as Woodhouse Farm, and everyone I meet seems to be genuinely interested in my progress.

I’m looking forward to next week, and at the weekend we are off to sunny Brighton, so my blog might be a bit late, but keep an eye on my Instagram account as I’ll be posting lots of pictures of fab food I’m sure.


Shops this week (I shopped on Monday and blogged as I was in Greece last week, so this is since then)

Packington Farm Shop

Woodhouse Farm & Garden

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