Day 24 and the new commitment to 90 days

When this posts I will be on the way to a week’s holiday in Greece.  I’m delighted to say that the company we booked with, Neilson, are an independent. However, as I didn’t actually plan my 30 day challenge very well in advance and just started it on a bit of a whim, my challenge would end next week whilst I am away.

Honestly – it hasn’t been that much of a challenge.  Although I havn’t been in a supermarket now for over 3 weeks, it has felt quite easy.  So I’ve made the decision to extend my challenge to 90 days.

I will stick to all the existing rules, and continue to blog weekly and update my instagram regularly, and my hope is that after 90 days it is a habit rather than a challenge.

This week I only shopped on Sunday, with my lovely hubby, so I went to the farm shop for eggs and milk and came out with a basket full of food!!


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