Day 17

I still havn’t found a local veg box scheme, and I’ve not yet needed an emergency shop so still not done the local corners shop.

Apart from it taking a bit of additional time, it’s been good.  I had a lovely chat with the butchers at a new farm shop in Walsall, who happily split a big box of chicken breast that they had on offer into two’s for me so I could freeze them.  This shop one actually had trollies and also lots of normal shopping items so I felt like it would be a sensible option for long term grocery shopping.  I also loved that the chickens were wandering about right next to the carpark.

The toughest decision we had was Friday when we almost ate in a large chain restaurant for ease and speed as we were about to go to a show, however lucky for us, we dropped into a fab bar and restaurant, that squeezed us in as we just wanted quick eat.  The food was fabulous, and service brilliant.  I had an amazing salmon superfood salad, and our server Victoria was lovely, I’m so glad we made a bit of an effort, and I believe we had a better meal because of it.

Biggest positives this week

  • Getting great food and service at an independent restaurant in the city centre
  • Finding a farm shop with trolleys

Biggest challenges this week

  • still not replaced my smoked paprika
  • panicking now that I only have 5 tins of tomatoes and one jar of passatta in the cupboard!!!

I’m still struggling to work out if this is a long term option.  I still think its partly due to habit, and I’m used to just doing a big shop and then having loads of different ingredients in the cupboards. I feel like each shop is just a small top up, but I’ve never once struggled to think of what to make for dinner, and have a pretty well stocked fridge, freezer and cupbards, so I must be buying enough food.

Today we are having home made bread, locally cured bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Does it taste better because I know I’ve sourced it locally, and supported an independent local business, damned sure it does.

So roughly halfway into the challenge, and it really doesn’t get feel like a challenge at all.

Day 17

Shops and restaurants this week


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