How to cook efficiently

I really love to cook, that was the reason I set up this blog.  But I am also really busy and so I have to be clever when I cook, making multiple meals at the same time.  This is really economical and ideal for anyone who is busy or doesn’t really love cooking.

It’s often just about thinking ahead, what other meals do I need to prepare this week, what can I do now to save me time another night?

We often have overnight oats for breakfast in our house, so whenever I make some I make sure I make up at least 6 portions.  A bit of fruit chopping and a few mins prep is all it needs, and I can do that whilst I am waiting for a pot to boil.

Make double and freeze a half for a night when you know you won’t have time to prepare a full meal.  Or portion off the leftovers for lunches.  Again, freezing them until you want them.

Think what else you can make with similar ingredients.  If you need half a swede for tonight’s dinner, can you make something at the same time with the rest of the swede and something else you have in the fridge/cupboard?  It takes barely any more time to chop a full swede than it does to chop half.

So just take a minute any time you are about to start to make meal and think about whether you can make two or three more at the same time.

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