Day 11

It’s the end of my second weekend, today is a bank holiday so I’m writing this from bed whilst my spicy pork sausages cook slowly in the oven (they would have gone on the barbie but, in the tradition of all British bank holidays, it’s decided to rain). And I’m looking back at the early days of my challenge.

I’ve been at a lot of events and away from home more than I would normally, so the week has felt a bit disjointed, and if I’d thought ahead and planned the start of my challenge I might have chosen a different date, but that wasn’t the idea. However I am looking forward to having a couple of more ‘normal’ weeks.

So far I’ve visited two Farm Shops, several veg shop/stalls and used quite a lot from my freeezer and cupboards.  Our meals have been similar to what we would normally have eaten.

The biggest positives

  • shopping experience. I’ve had conversations with almost everyone who’s served/helped me. From the obvious chats about produce, to dogs, children’s exams (theirs as I don’t have any) and of course the weather.
  • Butchers, lots of different ideas, great presentation, especially the lamb burgers shaped around spring onions to look like baby shanks

The negatives

  • The range, if I want mustard there are 20 varieties, but tinned tomatoes, just the one.
  • They have silly baskets that are too small for a proper shop and get heavy and have no wheels

On the whole it’s been positive, I’ve changed the way I approach shopping, checking what I already have then buying products around that, which is no bad thing. However I have had items that I’ve run out of and not yet been able to replace. And I’ve had to shop a lot more often than I would have done normally.

The next few days I need to find a veg/farm box scheme, and find some independent corner shops for those late night emergencies

This weeks shops:

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