Feed you brain

It never ceases to amaze me when I speak to hard working friends and colleagues and they tell me, almost with a touch of bravado that they either don’t eat breakfast, or lunch, or both. It astounds me how people expect to make decisions or use machinery when their brains are not operating at optimum capacity.

When I ask those same people if they would send their children to school on an empty stomach, or expect them to go without lunch they look at me like I’m deranged. We would never dream of energising a child with caffeine and sugar to get them through a busy day, in fact we all know too well what the consequences of that would be. However lots of people I know see not problem with feeling thier body in this way.

Our bodies are machines, they require vitamins and nutrients in order to operate correctly. Our brains are the engine of the machine, its not just my opinion, studies have shown that we behave differently when under fuelled – ie under fed.  The vicious cycle we create when we don’t correctly fuel ourselves,  and instead prop up our energy with false boosts from sugar and caffeine ends up givin us highs and lows, unsurprisingly we make poor decisions, over-react, get angry, upset or make mistakes.  This a result of our our bodies and brains being under fuelled and unable to operate correctly.

So what’s the answer in our busy and hectic lives? I believe that a little bit of planning and a lot of bulk cooking can quickly give even the busiest person a multitude of options to allow them to never miss a meal again.

Take a look at my recipes, lots are designed to give leftovers for lunch the next day for those who have access to a microwave, my posh pot noodles can be put together in minutes on a Sunday and sit in the fridge all week – all you need is a kettle.  If your work requires you to be on the move, take a look at my Kilner salads which again can be made on a Sunday in bulk and kept in the fridge to be picked up each morning.  Overnight oats can be eaten anywhere, and if you truly cannot manage that take a couple of my granola bars and some fruit.  

Hopefully poor decision making and emotional rollercoaster will become a thing of the past for us all.

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