What is clean eating?

Thats the question that my husband asked me last week, and I confidently advised him that clean eating was what we did most of the time.


I then did a bit of research (basically googling the term) and I was astonished to find out that some people believe that being wheat free, dairy free and lots of other ‘free’s’ form part of having a clean diet.

Who stole what was a quite simple and easy to understand term and made it so rigid and Full of rules?  I will attempt to clarify what I believe to be the main rules of clean eating

  • Eat food that is made up of ingredients that you know and can pronounce
  • Eat food that bears a resemblance to its original form

that’s it.

Not that difficult is it?  My understanding of clean eating is to eat food that looks like real food.  Admittedly that would also embrace seasonal and local food, but I believe it is more about getting in touch with your food and understanding ingredients, moving away from pre-prepared food and in particular processed food that bares little or no resemblance to any kind of real food ingredient.

I’m sure we’ve all used the terminology ‘dirty food’ and whilst there is nothing wrong with the odd portion of something dirty or bad, clean food by definition should simply be the opposite of this, its not free from anything its just food.

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