Food is fuel

Would you put cheap petrol in your car, petrol that was filled with additives that clogged your engine and made your car sluggish?

Would you feed your dog or cat food that was filled with lots of sugar or salt, made them hyperactive for an hour and then lethargic and even hungrier afterwards?

Of course not.

But what we seem to forget when we are feeding ourselves is what the food is doing to our bodies.  We need good fuel to work well, to concentrate, for children to grow healthy, for ourselves to maintain a healthy life.  However I think we have become so far removed from what real food is that we think chopping some chicken, adding a jar of sauce to it, and bunging some ready cooked rice in the microwave is how we should be preparing a home cooked meal.  There is just no need to eat this way, and my way of eating isn’t going to take any longer, and actually can be quicker if you learn to batch cook and utilise your fridge and freezer.

I don’t believe in diets, and I don’t believe in fads, I just believe that we need to make sure we fuel our bodies properly so that we feel well  enough and have energy to do the things we want, whatever that may be.

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